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1-2-1 Tuition & Help With Your Mixes

Whether you want to learn new skills, or just need advice with a mix you're working on, I can help.

Either in person, or over Zoom, whatever works for you. Use the CONTACT form to discuss your needs. 


"As the industry witnesses the sad rise and saturation of stock music, Tom's artistry has only grown increasingly invaluable and coveted. His ability to craft bespoke, surprising, and incomparable arrangements elevates our films above the fray.  With an artist's touch, he delicately tailors each composition to weave seamlessly with the narrative and emotional depths of our characters, infusing our storytelling with a deeply personal and intimate resonance that in my experience is utterly incomparable."

- Simon Waldron

"Tom's mentorship was invaluable in developing my skills as a composer. His deep knowledge and passion for film scoring provided me crucial insights. With his guidance, I gained confidence to tackle more complex projects. I highly recommend working with Tom."

- Kirk Spencer

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Recording + Mixing

I've been using Apple's Logic Pro since way back in 1999, when it used to be owned by Emagic. Along the way I've gained a pretty decent understanding of it. But much of what is learned with programs like Logic are transferrable skills used by many other studio programs. 


Back when I taught BTEC National Diploma at Confetti ICT, I got to know all the most popular programs, like Cubase, Ableton Live and Reason, and discovered just how easy it is to navigate any sequencer once you see the many similarities they all share.


So however you intend to move forward with music production, the knowledge you gain will benefit you no matter what studio session or program you end up in. These skills range from:


Routing + Recording / Mixing Desks Skills / Editing + Arranging / Effect Plugins (like Compression, EQ, Reverb + Delay) / Microphone Techniques / Scoring To Picture / Automation / Midi / Virtual Instruments / Synthesis / Mastering

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In addition to music technology, I can offer some insight in to various ways of composing music, using both modern digital tools and traditional / analogue methods.


Having released a number of albums on different record labels, ranging from genres as diverse as electronica + IDM to modern classical + ambient, I've developed techniques and working practices that can be beneficial if you're struggling to navigate the myriad options on offer when you open up a program like Logic or Live.


Get in touch and let's chat about what it is you'd like to create. I'm excited to help you get the sound you want, and to get it made to the highest standards possible. 

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Adobe Photoshop

For the majority of my 25 year career in the music industry, I've designed most of my own album covers, posters and websites.


I've actually been using Photoshop for as long as Logic, so have come to know it well. Photoshop is an incredible program that just keeps on giving with new tools after every update.


Now we're entering the A.I. era, it's another leap forward with yet more powerful ways to manifest your creative vision. 


So if you're just learning it, or would like to know some of the more advanced features, I'd be happy help. 

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