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by Samantha Keeley-Smith

My work with Village Green Recordings is probably best described as an extension of my soundtrack work but has been gradually developing into a new area of composition. 

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Village Green Recordings (2019)

Grains of Space started life as a series of minimal loops, recorded using a viola da gamba and a loop pedal.


Using the negative space within each loop as the primary drive for composing, there began a process of ‘joining the dots’, allowing the silence to dictate the next layer, informing the length, pitch and timbre of notes.



Village Green Recordings (2017)

After tracking down an old Bechstein Model 9 upright piano, preparations began for modifying it with cardigans, screws and nails in order to provide the textures and timbres needed.  In this way, the piano provided both melodic and percussive roles on the album. 


Techniques also employed on the record include layering of bowed electric guitars, ukuleles, banjo, charango and fingerpicked violins,




Live performance of Refract, from the album Grains of Space. Filmed and recorded in a 17th century cave system in Nottingham. 

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