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Village Green Recordings


Grains of Space started life as a series of minimal loops, recorded using a viola da gamba – a stringed instrument most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque eras – and a loop pedal.


Using the negative space within each loop as the primary drive for composing, I started this process of ‘joining the dots’, kind of allowing the silence to dictate the next layer, informing the length, pitch and timbre of notes.

Between the overlap and juxtaposition of multiple layers, melodies and rhythms started emerging from relatively erratic elements. 

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Village Green Recordings


This album comprises a reworked collection of soundtracks I've composed for various films over the years together with new material.

After tracking down an old Bechstein Model 9 upright piano, I set about modifying and preparing it with cardigans, screws and nails in order to provide the textures and timbres I wanted.  In this way, the piano provided both rhythmic and percussive roles on the album. 


Techniques also employed on the record include layering of bowed electric  guitars and ukuleles, and fingerpicked violins, banjo and charango.

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Denovali Records

Cracked Mirrors & Stopped Clocks

Origamibiro's debut album, first released on Expanding Records, then again later as part of a box set on Denovali Records. 

Shakkei & Shakkei Remixed

Origamibiro's 2nd album on Denovali Records. Shakkei Remixed includes reworked versions by artists such as Plaid, Isan and Leafcutter John.

Odham's Standard

Origamibiro's 3rd album, on Denovali Records.